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Google Docs Research Tool


Library of Congress Classification - Reading Room
I discovered google doc’s research tool by accident but am I ever glad I did.

This powerful tool allows you to search for related webpages, scholarly articles, images and quotes without leaving your google document. You can also insert citations and links with the click of a button.

Even more impressively, it allows you to use advanced image search options to filter the images it finds for ones that are free to use and share. And, if you’re using google presentations, you can search for, preview and directly embed YouTube videos all while staying in your presentation.

The ease and convenience of Google’s tools gets better and better, and the research tool is a perfect example.


2 thoughts on “Google Docs Research Tool

  1. Alie,
    That’s really an excellent find and share. I will have to get more into that next time I am working on google docs. I avoid it as in the past I have found it cumbersome, but maybe it’s time to revisit.

  2. Alie,
    This post, and your reference to it during a COETAIL class have helped me tremendously working on my project. This is so user friendly and the video that you posted made it possible for me to navigate it on my own. It was really helpful to be able to narrow the search to only pictures that are free to use. I think this is also a great tool for my Middle schoolers to use, and look forward to exploring it more.

    Thanks so much-Martha

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