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YouTube Video Editor Review

I learned about YouTube Video Editor when I attended the Google Apps for Education Summit – Tokyo in February. Jim Sill ran some great workshops, including one about using YouTube in the Classroom.

I’ve experimented with online video editors before this. I used jaycut before it went belly up and enjoyed the idea of instantly uploading the photos and videos I took on my phone into my google picasa account (like I said, this was a few years ago), and then manipulating them directly online. No downloading of software or media, no cords to fumble with. Needless to say, the technology wasn’t quite there, and neither was I as a video editor.

I had the opportunity to experiment a bit with the YouTube Video Editor at the Flat Classroom Conference held at YIS and eventually built up to making a couple videos by the end of the school year.

Video using only stills.

Video and stills combined.

I just wanted to share some pros and cons I’ve found using the YouTube Editor. It is now my go-to editor for making quality photo slide shows or combined photo / video creations.

YouTube Video Editor Pros YouTube Video Editor Cons
  • an unlimited number of creative commons videos for you to search through use, edit, remix, etc. (very easy and efficient search function to filter cc videos)
  • endless access to creative commons music to pop into your videos (they have made improvements here. You can now add multiple songs)
  • (At this point I was sold – these first two pros are enough to make YouTube Video Editor a dream come true.)
  • easy access and transfer of photos you have uploaded on google+
  • access to any videos you already have uploaded to your YouTube account
  • drag and drop everything (photos, videos, music, transitions, etc.)
  • very simple functions (adding effects, text, etc.)
  • direct upload to YouTube account when finished
  • they are continually improving the service
  • it doesn’t look like you can shorten music clips
  • although you can add multiple songs, they don’t overlap, so transitions music transitions can be choppy.
  • the functions are very basic
  • the biggest con is this: because it’s online, it needs to refresh when you make changes, so if you’re editing something near the end of your video, it will constantly jump to the beginnings. This becomes very frustrating. (But, like I said, they are constantly improving the service, and when I made a classroom video today, Sept. 1,  I noticed a positive difference from the last video I made at the end of July.)

This is the video I made in July. It’s a book trailer for a course in Librarianship I took over the summer. It is made exclusively using video clips and music from YouTube’s Creative Commons library.

And this is the video I made today. The first one of the new school year.